SandClock Books was founded in July 2014 and 

officially registered as company under the name 

“Nalikasai Co., Ltd.” 

in September 2017. Our mission is to be a friendly publisher that values 

the family’s happiness especially the mother and child. In order to fulfill the mission 

of the company and the founder, Supalak, a mother of two little kids who intends to raise the kids 

by herself, we decided to be “the Company of One”, to work for ourselves and determine our own hours. 

Our office is our home with no permanent staffs, just Supalak and her kids.

We aim to publish a wide range of international books including parenting books, 

self-help books and children’s books. We support the alternative ways of parenting. 

The company has currently launched 41 titles since our first launch in September 2015.

The company’s goal is to gain recognition from the target readers by constantly publishing the international 

bestselling page-turners with cool designs, perfect printing productions and effective online marketing plans 

(e.g. Facebook Ad). Our team consists of senior professional freelanced translators, editors and 

graphic designers who have more than 8-10 years of experiences in book industry.


Supalak Antonna 


A mother of two children holding two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts (Japanese Major) and 

a Master of Business Administrations from Germany with strong background in book 

printing and production from family business (Book Printing Company) and 8-year work 

experiences in Sales & Marketing, especially in Book Marketing field.